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Overview: Prototyping mobile interfaces with Axure

This course is for people who want to develop interactive prototypes for mobile apps and mobile friendly web sites. It is based around the Drags, Swipes and Spins Axure Widget library.

"A good training course is linked to a good trainer. And an experienced trainer like Ritch leads to a useful course. Having used Axure for about a year, this course improved the efficiency of my practice along with interactions for on-going projects using tablets."
– Xavier Castan, NIWA.

The "Drags, Swipes and Spins" widget library is a free, documented and sophisticated Axure widget library developed by Ritch Macefield to help Axure users build more realistic and more complex prototypes for mobile apps. The library supports many interactive mobile patterns, reproduced in Axure and is used by several major corporations involved in prototyping mobile apps. To use the library, you need to understand conditional logic, variables and dynamic panels but you do not need to be an Axure 'master'.

Want something more general? Try Advanced Prototpying with Axure.

About your trainer

Ritch Macefield

Ritch is an acknowledged expert in Axure having led Axure projects for clients like Thomson-Reuters, Dell computers and Vodafone. He was a panel speaker at Axure World 2012, contributed to the book "Axure RP 6 Prototyping Essentials" and founded the Axure RP Pro LinkedIn Group. Ritch is the only Axure-approved trainer in Europe for the English language: this means as a delegate on this course, you'll get a recognised certificate from an approved trainer.

This seminar is aimed at

You'll benefit from this course if you are part of a user experience design team that creates mobile apps or mobile friendly web sites.

This is a hands-on course and is most effective for delegates who have day-to-day responsibility for creating mobile prototypes. Typical job titles include: Mobile User Experience Designers, Mobile Information Architects, Mobile Interaction Designers, Mobile Usability Engineers and Mobile Interface Developers.

This is an advanced course for people who regularly create Axure prototypes and now want to learn how to produce interactive mobile prototypes.


To attend this course, you must first attend Advanced Prototyping with Axure.

You must bring with you a laptop with the latest version of Axure RP Pro installed.

You will learn how to

  • Use the "Drags, Swipes and Spins" widget library.
  • Model device orientations.
  • Simulate events triggered by mobile gestures, such as long press, swipe, pinch, flick and shake.
  • Build an Apple iPhone app from start to finish.

Axure RP pro features covered

  • Dynamic panels.
  • Advanced interactions using global variables.
  • Using widget libraries.
  • iFrames Management.
  • The "Drags, Swipes and Spins" widget library.

Seminar content in more detail

  • An overview of mobile prototyping issue and concepts.
  • An explanation of the "Drags, Swipes and Spins" widget library and how it is designed to be used.
  • A showcase of an example iPhone App built using the "Drags, Swipes and Spins" widget library called "Find My Friends".
  • Hands-on building of the basic "Find My Friends" app.
  • Taking the "Find My Friends" app to the next level, including: managing page orientations and modeling iPhone gestures.
  • A seminar/discussion of advanced mobile prototyping techniques including a showcase of advanced prototypes built with the "Drags, Swipes and Spins" widget library.
  • Brief review of the key topics.
  • A Q&A session.

What delegates say about this seminar

  • “I found this course incredibly useful. Ritch was very friendly and managed to teach me a lot without leaving me feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day.” – Charlotte Nijssen, Dynamis.
  • “A great course consolidating both the Advanced training we previously received as well as providing a solid introduction into prototyping for mobile devices. It was also useful to realise the outputs of the exercises as a take-away that can be repurposed and reused.”

What do I get when I book this course?

  • 1 day training course with an Axure RP Pro approved trainer.
  • The "Drags, Swipes and Spins" widget library.
  • A pack of training materials including links to online resources.
  • Example Axure RP Pro files to take away and re-use in your own prototypes.
  • A proper, air-conditioned learning environment.
  • CPD-approved "Advanced Mobile Prototyping" certificate.
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
  • A money-back guarantee.

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This course lasts one day.

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