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Overview: An Introduction to User Experience

There are dozens of books dedicated to usability, but few of these provide the ‘big picture’. The aim of this course is to help delegates design better products and software by showing how the various usability tools and techniques fit into real-world design and development processes.

Over the two-day course, delegates engage in a practical design activity that helps them discover the usability secrets behind product and software development. The activity (“Digital Postcard”) is to envision and create a digital version of the venerable holiday postcard. The activity covers the full design lifecycle, including business requirements, customer needs, product and software design, prototyping and usability testing. This seminar is led by Dr. David Travis who has over 20 years experience in the field of user centred design.

"I found this excellent course most thought provoking and inspiring. I'm already thinking of ways to work UCD into our current processes and methodology."
– Sally Morales, BUPA.

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About your trainer

David Travis

This seminar is led by Dr. David Travis, the author of Think Like a UX Researcher. David has more than 20 years experience in the field of user centred design and has delivered over 100 seminars in user experience for a range of private and public sector organisations.

David Travis This seminar is led by Dr. David Travis (@userfocus), the author of Think Like a UX Researcher. David has delivered over 100 seminars in user experience for a range of private and public sector organisations.

This seminar is aimed at

  • Software developers and web designers who want to learn techniques for designing better interfaces.
  • Business analysts who want quick and effective tools for communicating requirements.
  • Interface designers who want to learn methods for testing and evaluating their designs.
  • Project managers who want a full lifecycle process for introducing usability into their project.
  • Marketing managers who want to find out about the business and brand benefits of a usability focus.
  • UI designers who want to understand the principles of human-centred design.

You will learn how to

  • Describe a user centred design framework that supports end-to-end usability involvement in software projects.
  • Use personas and user journey maps to share information about users and their tasks in an engaging and usable way.
  • Develop cheap, throwaway prototypes to get quick and frequent feedback from your users.
  • Specify usability metrics to make sure your software is neither under- nor over-engineered.
  • Get hands on practice with user research techniques like personas, contextual inquiry and card sorting.
  • Learn about different methods for usability testing user interfaces and when to apply them.

What delegates say about this course

  • "Because I work in human factors, my main concern was that I wouldn't learn anything new. But I did! A really good refresher, plus I learnt lots of new tools that should be easy (and low cost) to use". — Debbie Thacker, BAE Systems.
  • "Every company that develops software would benefit from this course. It truly focuses the mind on the importance of usability". — Michele Thorns, Sage UK Ltd.
  • "The acronyms and short videos help to create memories of the core concepts for later recall."— Paul Chapman, Thomson Reuters.
  • "I feel confident about the new techniques I’ve learnt. We were given an excellent overview — now I can’t wait to get going, putting it into practice!"
  • "I liked being able to try out the techniques and methods. I feel I learnt a lot more by taking part in these exercises than just reading through notes."
  • "Lots of good examples of good/bad usability from real life."

Free refresher training

Our usability training continues after you leave the seminar. People that attend this course are eligible for free refresher training. After the seminar, we'll send you a series of follow up articles highlighting different aspects of the training, specifically written to help you apply what you learnt. See an example lesson.

What do I get when I book this course?

  • 2 day training course with a usability expert.
  • Practical checklists, worksheets and extensive notes to take home.
  • Free, follow-up refresher training.
  • A proper, air-conditioned learning environment.
  • Lunch on both days and refreshments throughout the course.

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This course lasts two days.

How do I book?

We schedule this course based on demand. If you want to attend a public course, click on the button below. Once we get 8 like-minded individuals we'll schedule a course and let you know.

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