Articles and resources tagged “case study”

High St Bank: Prototyping a mass-market handheld gadget

Although the technologies behind on-line banking are very secure, customers can fall victim to social or psychological scams, such as "phishing". To mitigate this risk, the bank were considering supplying customers with a handheld reader that could be used with their bank card to generate security codes at various points in the session. The bank asked us to develop a user interface for the product that would be suitable for mass-market adoption.

High St retailer: Usability testing of an e-commerce web site

This High St retailer's web site is one of the UK's highest revenue e-commerce stores and small improvements in usability can have a large impact on sales. Following a major redesign of their web site, the retailer wanted to identify and fix the usability issues encountered by customers when searching, selecting and purchasing products.

Major on-line player: Information Architecture for a large on-line help system

Our client wanted to revise its online help system. However, there was a large number of help pages (over 850) and these had grown in an ad hoc manner. To ensure the new help system achieved its expected business benefits, the content needed to be structured and organised before it was integrated into the new interface.

Kodak: International usability testing in multiple European countries

We were commissioned by Kodak to assess the experience of its European customers when using Working as a team with Kodak's Director of Usability and Kodak's Manager of Market Research, we planned and executed usability testing in the UK, France and Germany.

Orange: Customer experience benchmarking

The web site is a critical channel for customers who wish to purchase talk plans, handsets and accessories. We were commissioned by Orange to help the company develop methods for specifying and measuring the usability of its web site so that it could be regularly benchmarked against the competition.

Persona development for a large corporate Intranet

A financial institution wanted to ensure that their new intranet was driven by user needs and not by technology. The management team wanted an Intranet that helped employees do their jobs quickly and easily, avoided "silo thinking", and encouraged a feeling of ownership and contribution. We were commissioned to develop a set of personas that described the users of the Intranet.

Western Union: Usability Expert Review

Western Union's web site allows customers to transfer money abroad. Western Union contacted us to identify the usability strengths and weaknesses of the site and to provide suggestions for design improvements that would help both new users and returning users. The review needed to be carried out on both the English and French versions of the web site.

WoltersKluwer: Accessibility audit of a large family of web sites

Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) places legal obligations on service providers to make their products accessible to disabled people. We were commissioned by WoltersKluwer UK to provide practical guidance on making their "Croner" branded family of web sites accessible. These web sites comprise many thousands of pages.

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