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Reusing cases across different widgets and events in Axure RP Pro

During our Axure training courses, delegates often ask if it is possible to reuse cases across different events and widgets. In this article, we show how to define a library of sub-routines in Axure that can be reused by exploiting Axures Dynamic Panels.

Confessions of an Axure Master: 5 shortcuts for laying out Axure pages in record time

One of the quickest ways to speed up your use of software is to learn shortcuts. Here are 5 little-used shortcuts for Axure that will help you work like an expert.

The Wizard of Oz guide to usability testing mobile prototypes

It's easy to create a mobile prototype on a desktop computer. What's not quite so easy is to usability test the prototype and still allow the participant to use mobile interaction gestures like long presses and two finger pinches. We can overcome this obstacle by combining Axure's mutually exclusive non-conditional cases with Wizard of Oz usability testing.

4 ways to prototype faster

“Lean UX” is the new black. We can summarise the philosophy behind it by saying: If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a prototype is worth a 1000 pictures (with apologies to Ben Shneiderman). But given that we are increasingly working in environments where we need to deliver more with less, how can we speed up the process of prototyping?

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